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Testing again, it seems pretty cool, May use

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 Byron Ordavic[WIP]

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PostSubject: Byron Ordavic[WIP]   Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:27 pm

Name: Bryon Ordavic

Age: 22

Residence: I dunno yet. ;-;

Gender: Male

Animal: Wolf

Appearance: Byron stands at a flat 6ft tall. Which, for his race, is absolutely massive, and is only matched by his impressive build, broad and muscular, his thick fur a smokey grey that he prefers to keep perpetually covered in a carapace of jagged intimidating armor. He's seldom seen without his double edged axe within arms reach.

When Byron isn't busy snarling, and absolutely exuding fury, he seems to peer deeply into surroundings. This gives the appearance that he's keeping an eye out for trouble, but truth is, he may just be looking for excuses to start it.

Personality: (What are your character's likes and dislikes? How do they behave? How do they handle certain situations? What are their morals? How serious or fun are they? What are their motivations and beliefs?

History: (Where were they born? What gave them those morals? What did they experience in their past? Was there any tragic events in their past? Use lots of detail
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Byron Ordavic[WIP]
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