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Testing again, it seems pretty cool, May use

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 Information and abilities of the Permafrost dragon (W.I.P)

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Shiba Inari
Shiba Inari

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PostSubject: Information and abilities of the Permafrost dragon (W.I.P)   Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:26 am

Description: A large icey blue colored dragon with a white under belly. It has spines along it's tail and gas two antelope like horns, and just like it's long claws, they're clear like ice. It's eyes glow a sharp frosty blue.

Heath: 200
Attack: 70
Speed: 50
Resistance/defense: 50
Mana/stamina: 110

Mana restoration duration: 10 points per post after magic using move is used.

Ice breath: The dragon breaths a cloud of freezing air, it has a 40% freezing chance, have a staff member roll a dice, if it lands on 2 or 6, your character will be frozen for two posts. This attack slows down a character by 10 points the first time it's used. This attack uses 40 mana points.

Ice fangs: The dragon bites at an opponent with fangs dripping with icey mana. This attack has a 30% freezing chance, have a staff member roll a dice, if the number lands on 1 or 2, your character will be frozen. This move takes 40 mana points.

Frozen fury: The dragon pauses for a post to chill the air around it, after that, it'll flap it's wings violently to blow anyone in a three meters radius back five feet. It'll whip up a vicious, almost below zero wind with icey shards and hail, it'll add 20 attack points to the regular amount of attack points it has (meaning 90). It has a 50% freezing chance, have a staff member roll a dice, if it lands on 3, 6, or 4, your character will freeze. This takes up 90 mana points.

Fire does 2x the damage

1000 gold

100 XP points

1st time defeating it: Ice dragon cloak: protects against ice moves, up to 30 damage. Only one is rewarded, so if you're in a team, you need to decide who gets it in the battle thread.
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Information and abilities of the Permafrost dragon (W.I.P)
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