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Testing again, it seems pretty cool, May use

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 Information and abilities of Muerte

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Shiba Inari
Shiba Inari

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PostSubject: Information and abilities of Muerte   Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:12 pm

A large vulture like bird with a 18 foot wingspan. It's feathers are a dingy dark gray, the skin on its neck and head are bear and without feathers, the exception being the crown like formation of feathers on its head. It's claws are large and curved, stained red with dried blood, it's eyes are a reddish brown color and it has a horrifying screech.

Heath: 200
Attack: 70
Speed: 80
Resistance/defense: 40
Mana/stamina: 100

Mana restoration duration:: 10 per post after magic using move is used

Wing whip: Muerte can flap it's wings to make some whipping are currents. This takes up 40 mana.

Screech: Muerte let's out a blood curdling screech that has a 30% chance of making a character paralyzed for a post. Get a staff member to roll a dice for each character, if it lands on 3, the character will be paralyzed. Takes up 30 mana.

Blood rake: Muerte claws at a target woth glowing red claws, adding 10 attack points to the regular amount, making it 80. Takes up 50 mana.

Electric attacks do 2x the damage.
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Information and abilities of Muerte
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