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Testing again, it seems pretty cool, May use

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 Enemy and creature information

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Shiba Inari
Shiba Inari

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PostSubject: Enemy and creature information    Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:53 pm

Here's information about the various enemies in this area


Description: These are passive aggressive creatures that only attack if they feel threatened, or if they are getting attacked. These dark green, long fanged, and big eared mammals are about six inches tall and have a two foot wing span, they are usually in groups of five but are pretty easy to deal with.

Heath: 10
Attack: 5
Speed: 5
Resistance/defense: 5
Mana/stamina: 10

Abilities: Dubbats have a wind screech attack that takes 2 mana points, meaning they can use this ability 5 times.

Weaknesses:Electric attacks do 2x the damage.

Worth 10 XP


Description:These imp like creatures are vile little thieves. Standing at 2ft with large bat like ears, gold/brown colored skin, and long monkey like arms, these creatures like to take items from those who travel through the caves. They usually travel in gangs of three.

Heath: 15
Attack: 10
Speed: 9
Resistance/defense: 5
Mana/stamina: 0

Abilities: Ner-dwellers are of the basic fighter variety.

Worth 10 XP

Description:Pony like creatures with dark brown fur and two small horns, they are usually docile and actually might assists travelers, they are tamable but rarely show up. However, if agitated or threatened, these creatures can deliver vicious blows.

Heath: 100
Attack: 10
Speed: 20
Resistance/defense: 10
Mana/stamina: 0

Abilities: Anapons are of the basic fighter variety.

90% tameability
Worth 20 XP
The mole

Description: A truly frightful sight, a 6ft shaggy haired beast with a long ugly snout, long curved claws, and milky white, blind eyes. This creature has extremely good hearing and can burry Itself in the ground quickly.

Heath: 160
Attack: 30
Speed: 10
Resistance/defense: 20
Mana/stamina: 0

Dig: The mole will take a post to quickly dig into the ground before popping up somewhere else.

Has basic fighter variety attack moves other than dig

Rewards for defeating:
Worth 40 XP

50 gold
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Enemy and creature information
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