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Testing again, it seems pretty cool, May use

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 Enemy and creature information

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Shiba Inari
Shiba Inari

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PostSubject: Enemy and creature information   Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:19 pm

Here's information about the various types of enemies you can find in this area


Description: Violent little creatures with green skin, pointed ears, sharp teeth and long noses, these 1ft tall little monsters usually attack in groups of three, wielding wooden clubs and daggers.
Heath: 70
Attack: 10
Speed: 5
Resistance/defense: 5
Mana/stamina: 0

Abilities: Trolls are of the basic fighter variety, so their attacks are physical.

Worth 10 XP

Sun lizards

Description: These two foot long red and black lizards are too small to be considered a dragon, but they still have fire abilities, sun lizards are solitary and fight alone.
Heath: 90
Attack: 5
Speed: 9
Resistance/defense: 10 resistance against fire
Mana/stamina: 10

Fire spiters: These lizards spit a baseball sized ball of fire, it takes away one mana point meaning they can use this ten times

Water attacks do 2x the damage on it.

Worth 10 XP


The orc

Description: A large, buff, six foot monster with tusk like fangs and a scowling face. The orc has twin axes and is very strong, it rarely shows up but it can show up with a few trolls or a sun lizard
Attack: 20
Speed: 10
Resistance/defense: 10
Mana/stamina: 0

Abilities: The orc is of the basic fighter variety so it's attacks are physical

Rewards for defeating:

20 XP

30 Gold
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Enemy and creature information
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