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Testing again, it seems pretty cool, May use

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 General rules

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Shiba Inari
Shiba Inari

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PostSubject: General rules   Fri May 22, 2015 7:30 pm

Read these rules before doing anything on this forum.

1) Be nice: There is to be ABSOLUTELY no bullying, harassment, insulting, or disrespectful behavior on this forum.

2) No unfair role-playing: Don't have your character dodging every move, hitting every time, or have them know everything. An example of a character knowing everything is that the other person in the thread mentioned that their character has a certain fear or weakness, it would be BS if you make your character already know their character's fear/weakness and exploit then as if they already knew.

3) Respect the staff: I'm not saying to treat staff members like royalty,but please acknowledge that they're here to help you and regulate the site, don't get mad at them for enforcing the rules. Staff Members are human beings with lives, not drones that work all hours of the week, don't pester them about things, tell them once and wait, if it's been a long while remind them.

4) Report rule breakers: Don't try to play the hero and don't loose your temper, report the rule breakers to staff members and the staff will handle it.

5) You must have your character application approved before roleplaying: self explanatory.

6) Label your threads:
Open-  Open to everyone
Private- Exclusive to those that you choose
Pm invite- Is open, but the person will have to send the creator of the thread a pm asking permission to join

7)Rate the thread:
Pg- Regular threads, might be mild cussing, might be fighting but not detailed gore, you don't really have to label the thread If it's not going over pg.

Pg13-  Cussing might be a bit stronger, very vulgar words will be censored, slightly more gore than pg but not in full gruesome detail, slightly suggestive situations like flirting.

M(for mature)- Characters that cuss a bunch, vulgar words will be censored, gore, mature situations (but not too explicit), maybe a character went to a pub/saloon and got intoxicated.

8 ) Keep a posting order: to keep the thread organized
For example:
Person A posts
Person B joins
Person A posts
Person B posts
Person C joins
Person A posts
Person B posts
Person C posts

9) Keep out of thread cussing mild: This is a roleplaying forum, not a gutter mouth convention, don't go around the forum cursing up a storm.

10)No auto killing: You can't kill someone's character without permission, and you can't have an instant death blow on them either, the person must say it's ok to kill the character or say that a battle can be to the death, don't be that person that's only purpose is to go around killing characters

11) The most important rule of them all : HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOURSELVES!!~ Wink
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General rules
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